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Why Hiring an Interior Designer Early in a Home Project Will Improve Your Space

I am very proud of the fact that I'm a Certified Interior Designer. But I realize, many

clients don’t fully understand what this means. That is why I’m writing today’s blog, so

you can understand how my qualification benefit you!

I completed a 4 year design program at an accredited school (UCLA Extension). I also worked for several design firms to learn from seasoned professionals and then studied for MONTHS while my kids were toddlers to pass the National and California certification tests. All this before I began my own design firm.

What this means is that I don't just pick stuff for your space. I always start with a floor plan review and assessment to understand how the spaces interact with each other. This means a more beautiful and functional home for you.. Is there a good flow within a room or do you have to shimmy to get to the sofa? Would a kitchen work better if you removed a doorway or widened an existing opening? When selecting furniture, I make sure that it fits your lifestyle - I'm not going to pick a white sofa for you if you have small kids and pets. Instead, I will select something like a Crypton fabric that is really easy to clean. I put an emphasis on the importance of functionality, space planning, and consider the lifestyle of my clients for a holistic approach to interior design.

A designer should be brought into a project at the very beginning, before you even take your plans to the city. Whereas a decorator can be

brought in towards the end as they’re only selecting the decorative touches. An interior

designer can support the entire process, beginning to end.

Interior designers have a formal education and certification, equipping them to handle the entire design process from conceptualization to execution. Engaging and Interior Designer at the early stages of a project, they can contribute to the architectural decisions that impact the overall flow and functionality of the space.

My approach is focused on clients’ needs, lifestyle and use of the space. I prioritize aesthetics and the functionality and livability of the spaces I design, making it more joyful for your everyday


If you're considering a home project this coming year, don't wait to hire a professional until demolition has started. Get a head start to optimize your space today. Set up a personalized interior design consultation to help you make the most of your time and investment at

Learn more tips in my free Interior Design eBook here     

Always look for the Silver Lining

NCIDQ Certificate No: 023670

CID (Certified Interior Designer) No: 6664


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