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Avril is an amazing and thoughtful designer. After discovering what our taste and overall style was, she was really able to elevate that with her keen design eye. We love that she took us outside our (pretty basic) comfort zone and gave us something we would never have thought to do, and we love it so much!! She's a really hard-working and talented person who is passionate about the world she lives in, which is reflected in her design.

Jenny Robertson

Avril Martin has been involved in the design and implementation of multiple homes of mine; starting off (8 years ago) with a full gut and addition to a modern luxury retreat I built in the prestigious Cheviot Hills area of Los Angeles. Avril helped with every detail of this home remodel from all fixtures to design of each room (with a special emphasis on kitchen flow) and interior décor. She has also assisted me with various room remodels and impeccable design sense to complement my current living space. She understands her clients well; and uses their energy and intentions in creating perfect spaces to fit their needs. She is the epitome of style and grace, and removes the stress and anxiety from the entire design process.
Susanna Peace Lovell, C.P.C. Life Coach for Special Needs Families
Avril Martin was a key ingredient in the success of my Bikram Yoga studio remodel.  She was instrumental in taking my concepts and bringing them to reality with the flooring, tile, counters and paint.  She has great ideas, but was open and understanding on the few times I had another vision.  She was always open to get her hands dirty and help me see visually whenever possible.  I invested in a very expensive desk and she helped me tape out the areas to show me the scale and how to use my space.   this was the biggest project I have ever undertaken and I am thrilled with the results.  I can't wait to use Avril again!

Val Sklar, Owner & Teacher, Bikram Pasadena
I've always thought of my home as my third child. I love it and cherish it and want it too look as best as possible and even though I feel I have a strong sense of the style I was never able to put it all together in a cohesive way. Thus, I was always unhappy and changing things out. Not only was this frustrating but costly as well. This trend spread from my home to my office until finally I asked Avril to help. We first started in my office and she not only transformed the vision in my head into reality but kept me on budget. We then moved on to my home and systematically worked through pretty much all the rooms of the house and even redid the front and back yards.  I really felt like she listened to my concerns, she was there through all the technical construction details and kept me on budget. I know I've said budget twice but it's a pretty big deal for me because I tend to get distracted by shiny things. Often she gently redirected me to more practical choices. She's like a Home whisperer. I've received so many compliments on the soothing vibes my office offers, which is essential since I'm a Chiropractor.
Betty Tupta, Owner and Chiropractor at Back Benders
Avril is the perfect combination of high creativity and a strong attention to detail. I am an ideas person that needed direction in taking the steps to bring my vision together. Avril took the time to look at my space and listen to what I was hoping to accomplish and create. She was extremely attentive and conscientious as she stood by me bringing it all together. The process was so much fun and I learned a lot through the experience. Avril brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm. She is dedicated to producing an end result that will satisfy the most demanding expectations. I highly recommend you work with her if the opportunity presents itself, she is a Gem!.

Jessica Hunter



Robertson Residence





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