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Back Benders Chiropractic

The current owner of Back Benders, bought the business in 2010. The original space was dark and gloomy (seems to be a "before" theme) and originally she painted all the walls white to brighten it up. In 2013 we started to work together to create a space that was more reflective of who she was and the energy she wanted to express. In 2018, she added The Auric Fields, a crystal and wellness business, to her space and in 2024, we are currently updating the space again. Just as we evolve and grow, so do our businesses. 

Hot Yoga Pasadena


Hot Yoga Pasadena, started in 1998 and in 2013, I assisted the owner with her expansion. She doubled the footprint of her space and added a lobby with retail and shower/locker rooms.  Bringing in color, but in an intentional and thoughtful way, transformed the space into a rich expression of the owner and her dreams to "Build Physical Strength and Mental Ease"

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