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Avril Martin, the visionary behind The Silver Lining Interior Design, brings over thirty years of expertise in transforming spaces to fulfill her clients' dream spaces. Whether you're looking to enhance existing spaces or embark on design for new builds or homes, Avril brings a wealth of experience to guide you through every step of the process.

Avril's journey to beginning her interior design firm was born from a profound personal transformation. Following the loss of her brother, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, seeking solace and purpose amidst life's trials. Through divorce, job loss, and the heartache of losing beloved pets, Avril founded The Silver Lining by Avril.

Her own experience with the transformative power of design became a driving force behind her mission. Avril witnessed firsthand the impact of shifting energy within her own home, from a place of darkness to one of light and serenity. By employing varies techniques and thoughtful design changes, she not only transformed physical spaces but also created environments conducive to healing and renewal. Avril's living room, once weighed down by dense energy post-divorce, became a sanctuary where she could breathe easier and host everything from parties to meditation circles—a testament to the profound effects of intentional design.

With a deep understanding of the joyful and nurturing properties of well-designed spaces, Avril is passionate about guiding her clients on their own transformative journeys through their spaces. Whether you seek a sanctuary for relaxation, a vibrant space for creativity, or simply a home that reflects your unique essence, Avril is committed to helping you realize your vision. At The Silver Lining Interior Design, Avril offers more than just aesthetics—she offers the opportunity to craft spaces that nurture the soul and inspire joy.

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