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Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS)

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) held in Las Vegas at the end of February. Sharing space with the International Builders Show, this event presented an impressive array of products, vendors, designers, and industry representatives all under one roof. As a first-timer, I found myself awestruck by the sheer magnitude of offerings. Navigating through the expansive convention center, I made it a priority to visit key vendors while also staying open to the broader showcase of design innovations.

The thing I was most excited about was all the colors I saw, everything from cabinets, appliances, counter materials to plumbing, hardware and more. Green has been having a moment in the last year or so and it was EVERYWHERE.

This sink was an AI design by Leslie Carothers and executed by the incomparable Thompson Traders from a single piece of copper! Can you see the drain - it's such an integrated part of the design that it's practically invisible.

Technology was front and center and while I wasn't able to see all of it (or even remember to take photos of it), here are a few of my highlights.

1. Docking Drawer has been on my radar for a while already, but getting to see it in person was beneficial as I was worried about how the cords were kept from bunching/getting stuck (they're on it!) They also have a pop up wireless charger and new USB-C charging ports

2. Free Power wireless chargers that can be used on countertops/furniture pieces (that use a quartz or quartzite surface)

3.LG USA with their adorable AI pet robot with different attachments. They also sync up with your appliances - imagine Alexa as a mini robot that can vacuum, turn on/run your appliances on a simple request

Besides technology, another aspect I was keeping an eye out for was sustainability and materials that bridged the gap between our homes and Mother Earth. I was pleased to find out about 2 new counter materials that did just that.

1. Quartz Forms out of Germany presented their Ecotone product. A countertop material made from recycled glass, resin made from recycled vegetable oils and produced with energy from renewable sources. It's starting with a limited pallet, but still an exciting product.

2. Cosentino debuted a collaboration with Forma Fantasma that included a similar product with recycled glass and resin from recycled vegetable oils. Being a KBIS newbie, I assumed I would be able to get information from their website when I returned home. Sadly there isn't any information available to the public yet, but keep an eye out.

The vivid colors were absolutely mesmerizing, but what else captivated me were the intricate patterns and textures adorning every surface. From tile, to shagreen bathroom vanities and fluted porcelain counters, it was all aboout visual texture.

I was inspired by all of the new and existing products at KBIS and can't wait to start designing with them. What element excites you most? Which product would you like to incorporate into your home? Let's set up a personalized interior design consultation to discuss your needs. Please contact me at or view my services online.

Learn more tips in my free Interior Design ebook here Always look for the Silver Lining


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