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"Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it...." Albert Einstein

Feng Shui, Quantam Physics, Reiki, Cranio-Sacral, Acupuncture are all modalities/practices that work with energy. You may have heard of Japanese Scientist Masaru Emoto and his Water Consciousness study (it was touched on in the Movie What the Bleep Do We Know ) Now you're probably wondering why an Interior Design blog is talking about energy and water consciousness? Because WE are energy. Our bodies are 60% water! We are affected by the energy in our spaces. Like Masaru's study... is your home giving you loving, nurturing energy that supports or is it an energy black hole that drains?

Working with a designer will shift the energy of your home, intentionally (& unintentionally). Years ago, I did a podcast with a friend of mine who was an energy healer. Before I had been hired by one of my clients, she had hired the energy healer to clear the energy in her home. After working with my client on an extensive remodel, she had a house warming party. The healer was shocked by how much the energy had shifted, in a positive way, after the remodel.

Before my divorce, I was uncomfortable sitting in my living room. The energy was dark and heavy, but I could never put my finger on why I didn't want to be in there. After my ex moved out, I painted the walls, saged (multiple times) and started slowly making other changes throughout the home. About a year or so later, a friend was able to hold a meditation circle in the living room and commented on how much the energy had shifted in the space.

I laughingly say that my home tells me when it's demanding a shift. During my bathroom remodel, chunks of the plaster walls in my home office (shared wall with the bathroom) came popping out, which caused me to patch and I decided to change the color when I repainted it. Within a week of the remodel being done, a chunk of the linoleum floor in my home office popped up. I ended up pulling up the linoleum (something I had been thinking about for several years) and refinishing the wood subfloor underneath. If the chunk hadn't popped out, I would have postponed doing it for another few years. I'm delving into my business practices this year and it feels like the changes in my home office are happening to support me.

Is there a room in your home that you avoid? Is there a space that is calling out to shift? All too often, when we make a change in our home, it's done without intention - "I just want it to look pretty". What if you were to make a shift intentionally? What would that space feel like? How would it support you daily? If you're interested in exploring how design can change the energy of your home, please reach out to set up a consultation.

As always, if there are other topics you’re interested in learning about, or if you’d like more information and a personalized interior design consultation, please contact me at or view my services online.

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