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A Guide to Energetically Clearing Your Home

Have you ever walked into a room and felt as if the air was heavy, like there's something off? It might be time for an energy cleanse. Here's a few practical tips on how to freshen up your space.

Start with a Clean Slate: House cleaning is the first step as energy gets stuck in the grime, dust and hairballs. Just like rocks start to pile up in a river and redirect the water, so too the dirt redirects the energy or chi in your home. If weather permits, open windows and blinds to allow light and fresh air to come in and help with any stale air.

Declutter Your Life: Say goodbye to things that no longer serve you. Whether it's broken, you no longer use it or you're keeping it out of obligation, it's cluttering up your space and affecting the energy. If you can't repair an item - throw it out. If you don't use it or it doesn't bring you joy - donate it.

Set Your Intentions: What do you want your space to feel like? Peaceful? Joyful? Healing? Take a moment to set your intentions and state them to the Divine/whatever higher power you believe in, angels, guides, or your ancestors and ask for their assistance.

Ground Yourself: Imagine a cord running from your 1st chakra, down into the center of the earth (like plugging into a socket). Then,  imagine the earth’s energy running up the cord, through the bottom of your feet, up the legs, up the front of the body, over the head and back down the back side, with the energy spilling back into the earth. Expand that energy to create a bubble of protection around you.

Choose Your Method: There are many low or no cost ways that you can clear the energy in your space. A general rule of thumb is to move clockwise through each room (with whichever method) before moving on to the next room.

  1. Smudging with white sage has been used by the Native Americans for thousands of years. (Make sure you source from ethical companies and don't harvest out in the wild) I suggest sage for extra deep cleaning - think after an argument, after contractors have done work on your home or someone has been sick. I wouldn't recommend this every day, unless the stuck energy isn't noticeably shifting. After my ex moved out, I had to sage on a regular basis to clear out his stuck energy in the living room. You'll know it's enough when you can comfortably be in the room again. I also make sure to smudge all my crystals as I go through each room.

  2. Smudging with Palo santo can be done daily. It's more of a gentle clearing that also brings in positivity. (palo santo is harvested from trees that have already died, make sure to get from ethical sources)

  3. Salt (non-iodized) can be lightly scattered in a room. Make sure to get the corners especially as, like dust bunnies, stuck energy loves to gather in corners. I would recommend letting the salt sit 24 hours before vacuuming up. This method is why I love selenite crystals - a gypsum mineral that forms as a result of an accumulation of salt from evaporated saltwater. I have selenite in every room of my home.

  4. Charged water, whether left in sunlight or moonlight, can be placed in a spray bottle and lightly misted in a room.

  5. Sound, whether bells, tuning forks, singing bowls, chanting or even clapping, is very user friendly as you should be able to hear the difference from when you start (a dull/dissonant sound) vs once you've cleared (a clear/harmonious sound)

Infuse with Positivity: After you have cleared stuck energy, you'll want to bless your space, always restating your original intentions. Light incense or candles, calling in blessings. Bring in plants and/or cut flowers to infuse your home with positive energy. Live plants can also help remove toxins from the air. For those with a black thumb, even faux plants have been proven to have similar mental health benefits.

If you're considering a home project this coming year and hope to intentionally shift the energy of your space, let's set up a personalized interior design consultation to help you make the most of your time and investment at

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