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It’s been an exciting few years since I launched my business, The Silver Lining interior design! When you begin something new, you never truly know what will materialize, but I never thought I would end up doing almost a dozen model homes in Santa Barbara, private residences in Los Angeles, projects near San Francisco, and in Oregon and Boston! What a fantastic time for me to be a residential and commercial interior designer for my clients!

I kicked off my business by helping the owner of Bikram Pasadena (now “Hot Yoga Pasadena”) with the expansion and remodel of her yoga studio. The owner of the studio, Val Sklar, wanted to make sure that the finished product looked great, felt cohesive and expressed who she was. As she said after our work together, “Avril was instrumental in taking my concepts and bringing them to reality with the flooring, tile, counters and paint.”

Then another client opportunity arose – an entire house gut and remodel in the Cheviot Hills community of Los Angeles. We added almost 500 square feet and took everything down to the studs. We spent extra time and attention with the kitchen design since she is an avid cook and loves to entertain, resulting in a chef’s style kitchen with a prep and cleanup area in a separate portion of the space. The entire process took over a year, but the results were hugely successful and highly modern. The project is now under consideration for publication in Sunset magazine (fingers crossed!). 

Master Bath - Before

Master Bath - After

Another client I worked with years before contacted me about a model home project in Santa Barbara. When the President of this company based in Century City contacted me, I was happy to oblige! With over 20 years of experience with residential, commercial and model home projects, I knew I could do an excellent job to meet the client’s needs. The first two models went so well that the following year we did 6 more units together! Talk about creation! I had no idea my clients and projects would be so exciting when I started this business a few years ago. 

In addition to 8 models, we also worked on a sales trailer for another

community they developed in San Rafael, CA (Marin County). Now I am working with him and his wife to update some design elements in their own home in West Los Angeles.

When you begin creating a project, house, remodel or redesign (or a business), you don’t always know what you will uncover in the process of creation. With The Silver Lining interior design, you are guaranteed to get a space that is beautiful, functional, within budget, and reviewed with attentive detail to ensure it will work and streamline your construction schedule.

The last few years have been amazing, and I look forward to what the upcoming years will bring me in my design business. If you would like to discuss working with me or see how I can help you make your space or project beautiful, contact me at

Remember to always look for the silver lining.

Avril Martin

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