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Life is a daring adventure or nothing...

I think its so easy to get comfortable with the way things are that we forget to look for the small tweaks that can make a huge difference. Sometimes we are forced out of our ruts kicking and screaming (I am oh-so-guilty of the that) and sometimes we seek out the change as if our life depended on it.

My bathroom was the only room in my house that I hadn't repainted in the last three years. Why should I? It worked. I still liked it. I was comfortable. HA! said the universe. Thanks to a quart of touch-up paint not matching (2 attempts), that bathroom is now newly painted.

In The Daily Love's newsletter this morning, this line really hit home - "... folks who make a massive impact on the world all take risks. They keep things fresh and reinvent themselves, time and time again." I think we should do this in our interiors as well. A fresh coat of paint, rearranging existing knick-knacks, adding a new pillow... they can cost little to no money, but sometimes it's the shift a room needs.

So often with our interiors, people try to be so safe that they end up with boring. They forget to infuse their tastes into what they purchase. I was working with a client earlier this week and I was thrilled that while looking at two different rugs, she chose the more daring of the them specifically because it wasn't the "safe" choice. I'd like to know your thoughts - given the choice of the two rugs pictured, which one would you choose and why?

Rug #1 Chevron patterned hide rug Rug #2 100% wool rug

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Remember to always look for the silver lining.

Avril Martin

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